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free weekly meditation

Online Community Meditation is an exclusive a little meditation always free offering for the curious, the challengers, the just-starting-out and regular meditators, alike. Everyone is welcome.

Mark your calendar: 

Friday morning at 9:00 am (pacific) / noon (eastern)

It’s wonderful time to get clear on the fundamentals of meditation and meet gorgeous like-minded meditators.

  • Have fun, be silly & enjoy a powerful guided meditation.
  • Connect for inspiration and accountability.
  • Find out if you are mediating correctly.
  • Share your personal experiences.
  • Bring your questions to an open Q & A forum.

If you need to skedaddle, there is no obligation to stay after the meditation ends.

Be part of a ripple effect of collective coherence spreading peace, harmony, joy and loving kindness out to the world. That’s the really juicy stuff, but according to science, you’ll also:

  • Live longer
  • Sleep better
  • Think more clearly
  • Feel better
  • Have less tension
  • Become more creative

This 30-minute community offering is always FREE.

Join from computer via zoom:
Password: welcome

By phone:
(408) 638-0986 or (646) 558-8665
Meeting ID: 143 510 146

Feel the love. Meditate regularly. Invite in more confidence, clarity, relaxation and positive vibes into your life.

See you soon!