You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”  


what is meditation?

Technically, meditation is a journey from activity to silence.

Most of us live in a cyclone of activity.

If activity equals life, and life is the equivalent of a hamster wheel, then meditation is a practical tool to stop the hamster wheel so you can safely step off (gracefully) and de-stress, reduce anxiety, sleep better and avoid burnout, or worse disease.

Meditation is a reprieve. It allows you to experience a deep level of rest from endless activity. Which, by the way, is also how the body throws off stress, toxins and naturally heals itself.

a little meditation allows you to access the healing power of silence so you can fully enjoy the beauty in everyday, active life.

here is what meditation is not

Meditation is not:

  • Something where you try to force thoughts out of your mind
  • Boring, strict, rigid or monotonous
  • Weird, woo-woo or religious

Meditation is:

  • Simple
  • A smoother way to manage the ups and downs of life (Because let’s face it, life is hard.)
  • A necessity (and a luxury)

Most importantly, meditation is 100% natural, free and effortless. (It’s also the only place in my life that I experience total acceptance and self-compassion.)

learn to meditate – guaranteed

why meditate now?

Today, you will have approximately 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts.

95% of those are the same as you had the day before.

80% are said to be negative.

That’s a lot of mental activity.

Meditation cuts through the chaos of activity. It opens up little spaces between your thoughts so you can think more clearly, pause before reacting, minimize feelings of anxiety and be more effective and present in every day life.

there are more benefits of meditation

Thousands of research studies have confirmed the benefits.

Reduce stress: 15% lower cortisol
Deactivate the depression center of the brain: 75% less depression
Restore emotional balance: 30% less anxiety
Increase immunity: 50% less disease
Increase longevity: 48% reduced risk of heart attack, stroke and death
Have fun: 100% magical play in infinite possibilities!

how do i start meditating? 

Start by thinking, “I can meditate” because if you can think a thought, you can meditate.

Meditation is easy. Yet, the first thing many people this is, “I can’t,” or “I should, but it’s impossible.” Sound familiar?

I know, right? I thought the same thing. I’d been practicing yoga for more than two decades, but I still couldn’t silent my mind and meditate.

“Sure, other people can meditate,” I said to myself, “but not me.”

The truth is, anyone can meditate.

what if i can’t meditate?

After many years of believing that it was impossible for me to meditate, I remembered what Deepak Chopra said about thoughts during meditation, “Thoughts during meditation are a sign of stress release.”

He explained that you will have thoughts during meditation. If you notice your thoughts and gently turn your attention back to your breath (or the focus of the meditation), you are meditating correctly and receiving all of the benefits.

I started meditating regularly and my life has transformed, for the better.

You can do the same!

I have a meditation practice in my life, thanks to Julie! Her sweet soul guided me to learn that in silence and stillness, I nurture myself. I am grateful.” – Sylvia

a little meditation recap

Meditation is not hard.

You can meditate.

You only need to find the time.

Anyone who can think a thought can meditate. (And let’s just say you happen to be the one person on the planet who cannot meditate, I’ll gift you my mala beads.)

a little meditation promise

You can learn to meditate,

quickly and easily.

The benefits are enormous.

I’d love to show you how simple and effective meditation is. (My mala beads are really special to me. They were dipped in the healing waters of the river Ganges. I wouldn’t promise if I wasn’t 100% certain that you can meditate and transform your life.)

when can i start?

I love that you didn’t even hesitate! You can start meditating right now.

  • Find a quiet space.
  • Sit up comfortably and close your eyes.
  • Become aware of your breath or silently repeat the mantra So Hum.
  • Every time your mind drifts away to thoughts or noises in the environment, gently bring your attention back to the breath or mantra.

Meditation is a gentle back and forth from breath awareness to thoughts and back to the breath. It is an easy and effortless flow, back and forth.

learn to meditate in 20-minutes or less

what if i don’t have time?

Do you have two-minutes? Here’s a two-minute meditation that will instantly change the physiology of your body so you can begin to experience the benefits of meditation:

  • Turn your awareness to your breath.
  • Notice thoughts as they come and go.
  • As soon as you notice your awareness has drifted away from the breath to thoughts, gently and kindly turn your awareness back to the breath.

Meditation not only releases stress and tension, it is the key to open doors to every wish, want, dream and desire. That probably sounds like an exaggeration. It is not. 

How would you like your life to transform?

share your dreams

If you can say “hi,” you can meditate and receive all of the miraculous benefits of meditation.

I would love for you to experience meditation as I know it. It is the ultimate form of self-care and tool to manifest all you desire.

Share with me, what do you really, really, really want to create in your life?

I’d love to connect and hear your dreams. Plus, it’s always fun to get mail.