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meditation is easy, natural and free!

Hi! I’m Julie. Join me for a FREE 31-day Meditation Challenge.

Have you ever thought… ?

  • I’m curious about meditation.
  • I want to find the best meditation.
  • I want to sustain a regular meditation practice.

If yes, you’re in good hands.

My passion and purpose is to make sure anyone and everyone who has an inkling of a desire to meditate, knows with 100% certainty how to easily and effortlessly meditate.

I guarantee:

  • In the next 20-minutes, you’ll learn to meditate correctly in the 9-lesson eCourse, Spontaneous Meditation: The Easiest, Most Effective and Doable Way to Gain the Full Benefits of Meditation.
  • In the next 31-days, you’ll begin to transform your life and make meditation a regular habit. It takes just 4-minutes a day.

Take the next step to meditate for life. Registration is free.

start the challenge. never look back.

Live in the now:

  • Instantly release stress
  • Increase health and longevity
  • Enhance feelings of well-being and self-compassion
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Think more clearly and decrease emotional reactivity
  • Improve relationships and more

Have fun exploring lots of different types of meditation to find out the best style for  you. Then you can start a meditation journey that will bring countless benefits into your life.

Welcome! I hope you’ll join me.