Imagine how different the world would be if each of us made space to notice our thoughts and be kind. 


Author Julie Hunt

a little meditation…

changes everything

Meditation heals hearts. It heals bodies. Makes you feel at home in the world. Touches and enhances all the senses. Makes food taste better. Sharpens your mind like a finely-tuned machine. Calms the mind and body. Heightens intuition. Increases adaptability. Reduces resentment. Enhances self-love and will probably keep you healthier than anything else you can do.

Did I say, releases stress? (You knew that one.)

I could go on and on, but really meditation helps you fulfill your everyday needs and satisfies your heart’s deepest desires.

a lot of transformation

In just a few minutes a day, a little meditation will transform – that thing. You know – that thing. That thing you wish would release, improve or change. Imagine:

  • Sleeping better (and waking up in a better mood)
  • Putting yourself first and feeling a sense of profound self-compassion
  • Enjoying more love and connection in your life
  • Getting more done in less time (and actually feeling like you have more time)
  • Becoming less reactive and impulsive
  • Expanding your awareness and getting a glimpse of the true you
  • Looking younger and feel prettier ?
  • Living in the present moment and experiencing more joy and happiness

At least it’s what meditation has done for me.

Thank you for stopping by a little meditation. I’m Julie. It’s a pleasure to meet you!

words of gratitude

“Thanks so very much for the exceptional meditation training you delivered, Julie K. Hunt! All aspects of your course, from the amazing instruction and wonderfully positive atmosphere, to the extremely high quality of your teaching and materials, contributed to a superb learning experience. Your information on what meditation does, why to practice it and how to practice it is very well planned.  I appreciate the positive experience you led me through in meditation techniques, coupled with your exceptional working knowledge of the science behind the health and wellness it brings. I felt safe and confident working with you. We all know that in the whirlwind of modern life, it is more important than ever to take time off and engage in self-care, but most of us stay way too busy and play the “if only I had the time” game.” You showed me another point of view on how to make a meditation practice a go-to tool for rest, relaxation and so, so much more!”

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