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drop-in to a pop-up 

Pop-Up Meditation is an exclusive a little meditation always free offering for the curious, the just-starting-out and practiced meditators, alike.

Especially effective for the you’ve got the best intentions, but haven’t quite established a regular practice. Hello, is that you? Enjoy a calming guided meditation and connect with a gorgeous like-minded community for inspiration and accountability.

After each Pop-Up session, you will have an opportunity to share your experiences and have questions answered by a Certified Chopra Center Meditation Instructor (usually me). If you need to skedaddle, there is no obligation to stay after the meditation ends.

Pop-Ups are a beautiful time to:

  • Press the reset button on your day.
  • Easily establish a regular meditation practice.
  • Find out if you are meditating correctly.
  • Connect with others and share silence.
  • Be encouraged by other meditators who share similar experiences.
  • Be part of a ripple effect of collective coherence spreading peace, harmony, joy and loving kindness out to the world.

You might even live longer. Studies show that lack of social relationships is as strong a risk factor for mortality as smoking, obesity or lack of physical activity.

Pop-Up Meditations are 30-minute community offering (optional Q&A after). They are always free. You may attend in-person or online.

Feel the love.

Meditate regularly.

Invite in more confidence, clarity, relaxation and positive vibes into your life.

See you at Pop-Up!

Dates and times of Pop-Ups will be published shortly. If you would like to receive an email for the next Pop-Up, please provide your email address below. In the meantime, you will receive free access to
Spontaneous Meditation: The Easiest, Most Effective and Doable Way to Gain the Full Benefits of Meditation.
I look forward to seeing your smiling face. Apologies for the schedule shift and thank you for your patience.